Warren Simonds Accolades – Film Advisory & DBIA Sustainable Committee



“We are excited to have Warren on our Film Advisory Committee, as he brings great vision and expertise about the infrastructure of the arts here, now and in the future,” said Jeanne Corcoran, Director of the Sarasota County Film & Entertainment Office. “Ranging from exquisite facilities like the newly renovated Opera House to various other properties slated for demolition, reconstruction or rehabilitation, it is essential that the film commission stays abreast of these happenings.

” The mission statement of the Sarasota County Film & Entertainment Office (SCFEO) is to establish Sarasota County as a premier film location by attracting an array of film, television, music and commercial production while fostering a thriving local industry, as well as serving as the central source for attracting and supporting film and entertainment by coordinating government and business in support of production.

The Film Commissions is an extension of the EDC (Economic Development Corporation of Sarasota County) seeking to diversify and increase the revenue stream coming into the community through this industry of entertainment.

DESIGN BUILD INSTITUTE OF AMERICASimonds, who holds the distinction of being a LEEP AP and a designated Design/Build professional, has also been appointed as a member of the Design-Build Institute of America’s (DBIA) National Sustainability Committee. DBIA was founded in 1993 in response to the emergence of integrated project delivery as a significant force in the design and construction industry. It is a method where a single entity is contracted to provide design and construction.

The DBIA has identified areas of special interest where emerging trends in project delivery, design and construction offer opportunities for increase integration and collaboration to maximize the project benefits. Three specific areas were targeted for emerging committees: Sustainability, Building Information Technologies, and Lean Construction. The purpose of the committee is to advise the organization on the methodology of integration into the design and construction process. Another focus of the committee should be on the implications of changes in the sustainable environment and determine how to communicate these to the constituents. From its headquarters in Washington D.C. and network of chapters throughout the U.S., the Institute provides a forum for all participants in the design-build process. Its designation program seeks to recognize professionals with experience in design-build project delivery.