Warren Simonds - Selected for USGBC Council Board


The DFC first met in Nantucket, MA in 2002 to establish the policy agenda for architecture and design firms on green and sustainable design. – Now referred to as simply ‘The Nantucket Principle.’ The DFC’s think tank session held in Austin, TX this year, focused on analyzing, discussing, hypothesizing and debating the trends and issues that will influence green building and sustainable design for the next 20 years. Noble prize winner and former Vice President, Al Gore, is a DFC fellow and has been extremely supportive of the organization’s efforts and actions.

The Design Futures Council is a global network of design community professionals. The mission: to explore trends, changes, and new opportunities in design, architecture, engineering, and building technology. Members include leading architecture and design firms; dynamic manufacturers; service providers; and small, forward-thinking A-E-C companies taking an active interest in their future.

Simonds is a Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design Accredited Professional (LEED AP) and was recently nominated as a board candidate for the U.S. Green Building Council - The preeminent national for establishing performance requirement and sustainable parameters.